Water Park in Mumbai | Visava Amusement Park & Resort | Water Park Resorts in Mumbai for One Day Picnic


"Visava Amusement Park" is a fantastic destination to spend time with family and friends because it has all the conveniences, thrilling water attractions, crystal-clear pools, and a beautiful setting. With a variety of water rides, pool activities, and a delicious buffet at the restaurant, Visava Amusement Park and Resort is the ideal location for one-day picnics.

Water Park

Adventurous water rides, clear blue pools and scenic surrounding combines together to provide ultimate fun and entertainment for family and friends. With hygiene and cleanliness being the first priority, the water park is a safe zone for everyone to indulge in fun filled activities. Visava amusement park and resort is the perfect destination for one day picnics with a number of water rides, pool activities and delectable buffet at the restaurant.

Aqua Disc

Want to rain dance like they show in the Bollywood movies? Hang out with your friends and family for the ultimate fun and entertainment in our Aqua Disc grooving to the non-stop music, trendy lights and artificial rains.


Earlier known as the Panoramic Resort that has been taken over by the Visava Group of Hotel, has been renovated according to our taste. Along with refreshing waterslides, enjoy thrilling adventure activities and an immersive Conference Hall experience. If planning a trip near Karnala, this is one of the best resorts in Navi Mumbai.