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The ideal time to visit Manikgad Fort is from October to the end of February because the area around it has extremely hot summers. This is the time when the fort's and its surrounds' natural splendour are at their most beautiful. The fort is open for visits even in the rainy season. However, you must proceed with extreme caution as you make your way up the hill since the paths leading to the fort's summit get exceedingly slick. Fort is one of the best places to visit in panvel. Chech out the hotels in panvel for a comfortable stay while your trip to Panvel.

History of Manikgad Fort

Manikgad, a stunning hill fort in Maharashtra's Raigad district, was constructed in the early 18th century by a Maratha Navy chief to protect the Pune trade route. But after a while, it came under the grip of other forces and was taken prisoner. It is one of the major tourist attraction of Panvel.

Several other powers, including the British, governed it. Manikgad Fort is now well-known among tourists as a hiking and camping location. Many history buffs do, however, also go there. Vadgaon, a village around 60 kilometres from Mumbai, is the closest one from which one must hike up a hill to reach the fort. To get to the fort, one must hike through forests and difficult terrain.

How to Reach Manikgad

By Air: Mumbai, 65 kilometres away, is home to the fort's closest airport. It is preferable to use a taxi once you have arrived in Mumbai to get to the base village of Vadgaon. To get to the fort's base, you can alternatively take the public transportation system.

By Train: You can travel directly to Mumbai's railway station and then take a taxi or the public transportation system to get to Vadgaon. From Vadgaon, it typically takes 2 hours and 30 minutes to go to the summit of the fort.

By Road: Vadgaon has good road access to various towns and cities. Consequently, it is easily accessible by road.



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