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Have a better idea to spend a summer afternoon other than a day in a water park in Mumbai?

Mumbai is known for its tropical climate with an amalgamation of summers and monsoons throughout the year. Spending the hot scorching summer afternoon in this tropical city is not an easy task. The city houses a variety of parks to spend your day amidst water and rides that will help you to take a break from another summer afternoon.                    

Whenever we plan a trip to a water park we usually forget some of the tips which we must take care of to have a smoother day out. We have solved your problems of what to take and what not to take along with you to a Water park in Mumbai.


1. Choose comfortable Swimwear

The best waterparks always demand you to enter the pool and even enter rides in swimwear. Spending almost a day in that can be uncomfortable if you don’t select a proper one. Avoid the swimwear with belts, buttons or zip that might restrict you from entering certain rides.

2. Protect your skin with Sunscreen

Sun over the head and temperature rising high! Water-proof sunscreens are the only way to protect your skin from burning and damaging. Do keep hats and sunglasses along with sunscreens.

3. Don’t forget to carry Dry clothes

You surely don’t want to have your after meals in swimwear or the ones which already have become sweaty in the morning. Bring an extra pair of dry clothes to enjoy the amusement park and have meals in our best restaurant with freshness.

4. Carry your own Towel

Though most of the water parks in Mumbai provide towels to every visitor. But we would suggest you carry your own, especially in the times when the world is recovering from health problems. Although it’s safe to take towels available at the parks, again we would say precaution is better than cure.

5. Water-Based shoes, so that you don’t slip

Carrying either a normal pair of slippers or a water based one is equally important as the swimwear. Surely, no one would like to slip around the rides and harm themselves. So, it's better to take water-based shoes along with you.

6. Water-proof bag for valuables

Take sealed waterproof bags to keep your valuables like phone, and wallet. Many parks provide locker rooms at minimum costs, while others might not.


And and Don’t forget to carry a waterproof camera to capture the memorable moments.  


The only way left to sooth the senses of summer heat is visiting a water park. It's a mixture of adventure, food and coolness. Who wouldn’t love such summery days? Since, there are a variety of water parks in Mumbai. We would suggest visiting the ones on the outskirts. Less crowd and more enjoyment. Visava Amusement Park & Resort is one of the best water parks located on Mumbai-Goa highway. This luxurious water park in Mumbai provides you the best views of surroundings along with splendid accommodation options like row houses, wooden cottages and villas.


While on outings we always have concerns about finding good food. Don’t worry, Garam Masala by Visava Amusement park & resort, is among the best restaurants in Panvel. From authentic Maharashtrian food to Indian, Chinese and continental, every cuisine is curated by our experienced chefs to cater the needs of every guest. 


Bring out your Swimwear and head to the water park now!


Summer Packaging Tips For The Waterpark,


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